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Source code formatter for blogger : FREE SEO tool to rank

 Many people start the blog to make extra money and get into blogging passively. We all have made a blog on blogger. And we were intrigued with how it all works, how you can make things better for the reader. That's where source code formatter for blogger come into play. It will help you earn passive income with blogs. 

Here's what you genuinely need to understand: Your blog will not work if your website is not optimized. No matter how many blogger post you make, in the end, it's about how many optimizations you have done!! 

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Online Source Code Formatter For Bloggers

Some tools websites offer source code formatting tools, but this tools website will provide you the code formatters for blogger! In simple words, you don't have to get into web development or be a coder to understand what is going on with your blog on the coder. Formatting source code is going to be a game changer for that. This tool can be used to get technical and On-page SEO for your blog or website. With this, you can arguably increase the number of visitors per month in great numbers with consistent efforts!  

What is a source code? 

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Developers do not just use source code, and it's used most essentially by online marketers to work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Computers use the website's HTML code to show you the beautiful website. If you want to make your blog or any website a success, you need to make sure you're going through the source code of your website. If you don't know SEO yet, that's completely okay. 

The first step should be to understand what's going on in the source code or HTML of the website. 

That's how you learn about the structure and fix the errors. It will boost your technical SEO and get you ahead of anyone else who is just writing blogs and not getting into them.

Is it easier to read?

No. But is it going to define the popularity of your blog? Absolutely yes. You need to format your code. When you work on blogger and make a new post, you get two options : 

1. HTML View

2. Composite View

All the websites allow you to dive into the code. Here's the most critical catch: You don't need to add code to your website. You need to instead, format the code!

Online Source Code Formatters

There is a lot of online source code formatters out there. We are just going to focus on source code formatter for blogger. Of course, you can use this tool for formatting any source code you want (Including HTML, CSS, and Javascript code)! Now, this tool is going to help you with post code snippets. The HTML CSS of your website will be going through a check. It will be an attempt to see if the code is SEO friendly or not. If the code is SEO friendly, you will get no errors; you can review the same in the code preview! 

Steps to check code in blogger

Follow the steps below to maximize the outreach of your blog posts:-

Step 1: Go to your blog on the blogger/website. Click on 'HTML View' and select all the code using 'Ctrl + A'. Now copy the code from your blog and paste it into this tool.

Step 2: Click on the 'Format' button.

Step 3: Copy all the code under the Preview heading.  

Step 4: Go back to your blog, and select all the code again using 'Ctrl + A.' And click on 'Ctrl + V' to paste your blog's error-free, SEO-friendly code. 

Step 5: Save the blog, and you're good to go. 

Do you need a source code formatter for blogger?

It's an absolute need, so you must ensure you repeat this step-by-step process for each blog. Make sure your website is top-notch using this simple, free and effective source code formatter. Also known as a source code beautifier because it helps to run your code efficiently. You can also make some changes to the formatting using this tool and preview them to see if that's needed if you are a developer. This tool can help you with syntax highlighting as well. 


It's essential to work on the development part of your website and make it error-free and technical SEO friendly. That will help you rank your website more and increase the number of visitors. That is where online source code formatter gets in handy and helps you with the code of your website without going crazy!

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