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Meta tag generator for WIX | How to rank any website

Have you heard of Meta? Nope, not talking about Mark Zuckerberg's company. I am talking about meta tags. Do you know there are so many blogs and websites that DO use meta tags, but out of all of them, 67% are not using a proper meta tag? You might as well be using a meta tag in your blogs. But the chances are you need a meta tag generator for Wix or any other website builder. Let's see what meta tags are and how they can help your web page gain more click-through rate.

What is a meta tag, and what's a meta tag generator for Wix?

Meta tags are used to define the content of your website with some data that is helpful for Google to understand. If Google efficiently understands your blog using meta tags, it will help you rank higher and faster, hence more traffic. You might confuse yourself because there are different meta tags—meta Description, Meta title, etc. But here, we will focus on the meta tags that go into the code. 

Meta tag generator for Wix is a tool that will help you easily make meta tags that you can copy and paste into the code of your website. 

Why add meta tags in the code? 

So if there are other meta tags like Meta description, title meta, title tags, etc., you might wonder - why focus on meta tags that you need to add explicitly in code? If you are a website developer, you will know how long it can take for your website to be indexed without any issues. Even after getting indexed, you must ensure you're constantly working on the SEO. Because ranking website posts to the top of the keyword you are targeting is difficult, that's where meta tag comes along as your savior. 

Websites are made of code. And one needs to understand you will have to get to the depth of it to improve the performance and traffic on their website. And to make it easy to bring traffic to your website, Myfreetools has started an initiative. Check out these tools as well : 

Once you start optimizing your website with the help of all these tools, it will be real. 

How do I add the meta tag in the code of the website? 

Go to the Wix website and follow the following steps : 

Step 1: Click on 'Edit SIte.' Now click on the following 'Menu & Pages' icon from the leftmost panel.

Step 2: Now click on the desired page to which you want to add the meta tag. Click on the three dots to get additional settings. 

Step 3: Click on 'SEO Basics.'

Step 4: You will get an additional menu of tabs like this -

Step 5: Click on 'Advanced SEO.' You will get a dropdown menu. Click on the 'Add New Tag' option. It will now allow you to add the meta tag using HTML code.

Step 6: Now go to the meta tag generator for Wix. It's an easy meta-tag generator. Fill in the required fields, and add the Description, keywords, author, language, country, and robots. If you want to index that page, choose index from the dropdown menu in robots. 

Step 7: Click on Generate option and copy all the meta tags as highlighted. Individually, paste all the meta tags on Wix and click 'Apply.'

Step 8: That's all you need to do to create the meta tags to get ranked in search engine results. Now you can edit or delete it from there. 

This tutorial is not just for Wix sites. And this is also a meta tags generator for blogger

How will meta tags help my website?

Following this step-by-step tutorial to change the SEO settings will help you with page SEO (search engine optimization), and you will be able to gain domain authority. This will help your website show up in the search console. The search engines results page is determined by how optimized your website is, and it can only be done by working on the website. Sharing the website on social media will not help end users' Google search. So utilize the free SEO tools for your page content to reach out to many users! 


There are many ways to bring traffic to your website. But SEO will help you stand long-term and show up better in the results organically. Use a meta tag generator for Wix or any other website and work on adding meta tags to each page of your website to gain much more traffic!

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