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Google drive not downloading large files - Problem Fixed


Google drive not downloading large files - Problem fixed! 

Do you want to download a large file you uploaded on Google drive long ago? Or someone shared a file with you, and you cannot download it? Use this free G-drive link tool to solve this problem. The problem arises when you have to share an extensive file on Google drive. It works smoothly for the other smaller files such as jpg, png, small zip folders, text files, etc... But the significant problem people face these days is google drive not downloading large files.

And that’s not Google’s fault either. The reason why I don’t blame Google for this is that they are giving it for free!  

google drive not downloading large files and a bunch of people happily figuring that out

What is Google Drive, and why use it?

Google Drive is a cloud storage provided by Google. It helps you upload your data and files to the cloud without hassle. All you need to do is upload the files to google drive and download these later from any device whenever you need them. You only need to have access to your account for that. Since it’s a cloud-based service, you don’t have to save the data on a physical device! Because Google servers will do it for you!

Download from Google Drive (hassle free)

Downloading the files that you uploaded on Google drive anywhere, anytime, on the go! There’s a limit of 15 GB for free users, but even 15 GB is a lot of storage if you are not an extensive or heavy computer user. If you’re backing up your phone’s memory on your laptop, it’s best suited for you to go for Google Drive! Just select files and choose upload/download as per your needs.

There’s no reason for you to explore multiple options and get confused. Just store your data in one place, and you’re good! 

No command line problems

Many developers, who are core technology users, use command line interfaces to access AWS and other cloud-based services, including taking care of the id of the fileaccess token, commands, etc. While with Google Drive, it’s a lot simpler and user-friendly, especially with the google drive app, which you can use on your phone. After that, you can easily download the files from Google. Just need to click on upload to transfer your data to G-drive.

If you are here for day-to-day functions, don’t bother getting into it! 

What do you need?

google account and internet connection are all you need even to upload a zip file to your drive! The storage space is free for the new Google id that you make. You need to make sure your file is not corrupt. For that, you can run an antivirus scan on your computer, so you get to identify any corrupt files and delete them before uploading your data to Google drive. And now, let me share a method to download a large file from google

Fixing the Google Drive problem

Let’s come to the point now. A significant problem faced by people with Google drive is not downloading large files. You uploaded a large file but cannot download it, or you are trying to download a large file that someone else shared. Here’s how you can solve the Google drive file not downloading problem : 

1. Go to your Google Drive if you want to download your file.

2. Now click on the link symbol, and switch to the ‘Anyone with the link’ option in public access.

3. Copy that link, or copy the link of the file you are trying to download from someone else’s google drive link. 

4. Go to G-Drive direct link.

5. Copy and paste that link here.

6. Click on ‘Get Direct Link’ and then click on ‘Copy To Clipboard

7. Now, all you need to do is paste this link to the address bar of your browser, and the download of your large file will start automatically.

This is the best way to fix google drive, not downloading large files. 


G-drive direct link tool helps in downloading the files from google drive. You don’t need to use the incognito mode or select the folder from google drive. All you need to do to download files from google drive is copy the link of the file/folder you want to download and follow the abovementioned steps. Your file will be downloaded without the preview page.

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