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Free pdf word count tool - Content Writing made easy

Need help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your content? Or do you want to count the number of words and characters? Or do you struggle with content writing and meeting the number of words per article? Worry now. One solution for all. This free pdf word count tool will help you find the solution to your problems, all in one place! 

A woman counting words without free pdf word count tool

Why do I need free pdf word count tool?

First, we know your problems by heart if you are a marketer or content writer. And that's why we made this tool for you. This is the hassle-free way of optimizing your delivery and content for the website and all the social media platforms. Sometimes we are working on some content or need to use references from some pdf as a part of content research. For that, we need to count the number of words. No more searching on the internet for free online word counters. Just use this tool to calculate the words from any pdf document.

Beat the limitations with word counts

The maximum amount of characters allowed on Twitter differs from Instagram captions. Similarly, the content you upload on the website must be checked and optimized. With the word count tool in place, you can start writing and not have to worry about the words as you do in a word document because of the real-time count going on. You can also paste the article into the word count tool to count the words. With this tool, you can make sure your copy/content speaks for itself.

How to count the number of words for pdf?

Making the word or character count from any file is super easy! Just copy the text from the pdf and paste it into the word count tool. This tool calculates the number in real-time. Suppose you are unable to follow this process. Just convert the file to a word document using any online pdf converter tool. And then follow this process. 

Best part? - Free pdf word count tool

No matter how many number of pages, we don't need you to sign in or have any limitations. Just bookmark this tool and use it for an unlimited amount of words! No hidden charges! Just open your pdf document, get your files online, copy all of them and paste it into the free pdf word count tool. And you're all set to go! There are so many tools that have so many things going on with their page. We have tried to keep this page all about you and your needs. Hence you won't find anything else except the tool itself. Now you can focus on your work and get it done! We do need your share to promote our tool. Please help us reach out to your friends in need! 

Problem with other tools

A mechanical timer instead of our free pdf word count tool

Why choose us? When there are so many word counter tools on the internet. Because the default word counter tool of Microsoft word and other online word counters will not create that deadline-focused environment that we have worked upon. Our agency is not just for people to count the words and characters. But make full use of it, and write the article on this tool so that they can monitor their progress easily, user-friendly way. This way, you will be more focused and will be able to finish the work way faster than you would do in google docs (which doesn't have this by default.) 

Major pros and use of this word counter tool online are: 

1. Count the words quickly.

2. You can count the characters in the article as well.

3. Count the words without white spaces. 

4. Word count in pdf

5. Word count in real-time.

6. Deadline-focused work made easy.


The easiest way to count the number of words and characters from different file formats, including doc word and pdf files, is using the free pdf word count tool! With no hassle, no distractions, and unlimited access, you can work a robust tool for all your content writing needs. 

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