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Color picker CSS gradient - Free tool

Are you in the process of developing a website? Well, we know it's hard, and it takes time to be able to build it. Web development takes time, and it's frustrating, of course, because of the errors, but apart from that, you need to be able to choose the right colors for the brand or the business. 

And it's not the most straightforward task to do, given that there are so many different color combos. You might have checked a lot of such websites and come upon this. We are here to solve this problem for you with a color picker CSS gradient!

color picker css gradient from Freetools.tech

What's a CSS gradient - color picker CSS gradient?

CSS Gradients allow you to merge multiple colors into a single container or background. This simple effect can create a magic effect for the website of small business owners, service-based businesses, portfolio websites, etc.

Why talk about CSS gradient?

It's a fancy term nowadays, used and thrown very randomly, one of the reasons why people don't know how to use the color combinations effectively! Now, why are we talking about gradient to web developers? Because once you start seeing the power of gradient on the website, you will fall in love with it. It's one of the best and unique ways to make your website stand out from the competition. We will also talk about color picker CSS gradient.

Types of Gradients

There are two types of gradients : 

1. Linear Gradients: This type of gradient are defined linearly. It goes from one direction to another. It can go up, down, left, right, or even diagonally. Example - 

div {

background-image: linear-gradient (to bottom left, green, blue);


2. Radial Gradients - This type of gradient is defined by its center. Example -

div {

background-image : radial-gradient (blue, teal, green);


It can be hard to imagine radial gradient, so here's a demo to show how linear and radial gradients differ -

Radial and linear gradient object

Let's talk about linear gradient

color picker css gradient on Myfreetools.tech

In this article, we are going to talk about linear gradients. Is it hard to make a linear gradient? This is a misconception by many, so people end up using static colors in the website instead of the gradient function! You must make a website intriguing enough to make a color stop - making people stop the scroll because of the fantastic colors! The linear gradient majorly achieves that. Feel free to check out our webp image converter too!

No need to experiment

There is no need to start experimenting immediately with the gradients because we have solved the gradient problem for you, once and for all. Here's the color picker CSS gradient tool you can use to generate a new color gradient. Instead of using multiple color pickers and ending up unsatisfied with the design, this is your place to go! It's all free, and we would be grateful if you could bookmark our website. It will motivate us to make more free tools!  


There are a lot of color picker tools you can use for deciding the color for the website branding. Including the free CSS gradient generator will make you stand out. With this tool, you can generate different combinations of linear gradients without the hassle of experimenting a lot. We have made the designs ready to be applied on the website (header, footer, hero section), etc. These are the most popularly used combinations for gradients. Please give it a go, and don't forget to bookmark it for later! 

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