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URL encoder online tool for day-to-day use



URL Encoder Decoder is a tool that stays true to its word. It is a simple tool that will encode your URL and decode the URL just as quickly as well. As simple as that! If you're looking for just that, you can find it here, and it's an online tool for URL encode and decode! If you're looking forward to understanding how URL encode decode takes place, read further.

Now, what's a URL? 

URL is Uniform Resource Locator. It is used to identify a resource on the internet uniquely! It is unique to all the websites on web 2.0! You will find it at the address bar at the top of your browser, and you will also be able to copy that link. Now, where does encode and decode come into play? Let's find out!

Why do we use URL Encoding?

Encoding the URL

If you want to send information online, you want to do URL (Uniform Resource Locator)-Encoding. It is also known as percent-encoding. URLs can only be sent over the internet using the ASCII character set, and these URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) may contain characters not part of the ASCII character set. So how do we deal with this problem?

Solution for Encoding URL

We solve it by replacing the unsafe characters with a '%' sign followed by two or a pair of hexadecimal digits. This ensures that our URL is correct and is ready to share. 

You may find a chart of characters on the web, displaying what each character would correspond to after being encoded in UTF 8 format, which is a pretty standard format for the URLs. But you wouldn't have to do all the hassle to encode or decode the URL because of this tool we have for you. 

How to perform URL Encode Decode Easily?

To easily encode and decode any URL, all you have to do is, use the tool on Myfreetools.tech for doing the same, and it does the job! You will have to paste the URL that you want to encode in "URL Encode Tool Online" and press the "Click to Encode URL button" you will get the encoded URL. As simple as that. 

In case of decoding the URL, copy the encoded URL and paste it into "URL Decode Online Tool" and press "Click to Decode URL," and you will get the decoded URL.

Try out our user-friendly URL Encode Decode tool yourself!