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What's the difference between a logo and favicon? - SEO


What's the difference between a logo and favicon - Free logo maker tool

Have you ever created a logo by yourself? Do you depend on lengthy YouTube tutorials to design your business assets? And most importantly, do you know what's the difference between a logo and favicon? Let's get into it and learn it all so you can run your business smoothly. 

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What's a logo, and how is it created? 

Well, you guessed it right! We see logos every day, whether on websites or billboards. In the modern world, the brand identity defines you visually and sets you apart from other people or businesses. It would help if you had a tagline for your business or would have observed the same. Just like you start to identify a company based on its slogan and vision, you also start associating the business at one glance with its logo. 

So logos speak for themselves.

What should a logo be doing for us? 

A logo is a visual identity. Just like our names differentiates us from other businesses, a logo is supposed to distinguish you from the competition. It will help build brand recognition and trust among people. You are providing people with comfort. 

Perfect logo designs don't exist.

Okay, let's get this straight. Brands occasionally change their logo, but they do it almost every week. No! You need to make a logo that speaks for your business. A logo speaks for you! You can use this free logo maker to create a customized logo to the point that you love, which helps you bring your brand to life. The more personalized and closer to your brand it will be, the more impact it will be able to create. 

Now, after all these efforts, will you make the perfect logo in the world? Not, and that's the beauty of it. You don't have to create a logo that is out of the world. It is the primary representation of your business. But your focus should be on the impact of what font and color speak for me and my business. That should be your primary concern.

Do away with designing.

Many businesses, and we mean A LOT of companies, hire graphic designers or even agencies to make a logo for them. But you know why you don't need that when you are at the stage of creating a new business website, and you recently started working on social media. And with this free tool, you won't just be making it yourself but have complete control and can customize it as much as you want. 

No designing restrictions. And at any point you feel like changing it all, you can do that as well. The best part is that it's all for free. No need to spend a penny on logos and icons!

Now let's learn what's the difference between a logo and favicon.

What is a favicon? 

A favicon is something you are very much familiar with. Whenever you visit a website, you can see its name on the tab at the top; along with the name, there's an icon, generally the company logo itself. That's called favicon. You will also be able to see a favicon when you bookmark the website or in your browser's history. A favicon is generally of 16 pixels, 16x16 format. 

It makes the website easy to use and creates trust with the user. Since this is a digital space, you cannot show your office here, you need to work on branding, and that's precisely what favicon helps us to achieve. More importantly, the favicon allows the website's SEO (Search engine optimization). So make sure that along with the logo, you also have a set favicon for your website.

How to make a logo and favicon?

The favicon can be your logo without any text. And the best part of this free logo maker tool is that it will simultaneously create a favicon for you. No hassle is needed; download the logo and favicon and use them on your website. 

Why this tool? 

Well, the benefits are manifolds. Following are the main reasons which you should consider :

  • It's easy and fast. You don't need to worry about designing at all.
  • No sign-in required
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Ton of variations

Use our free logo maker and make elegant designs for your brand.


Just like you remember the internet explorer logo by heart from the memes, personal brands and businesses need an identity of their own, which can be achieved by logo design. A thoughtful company logo goes a long way in building trust and standing out from the competition. 

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