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Webp image converter online - Free SEO tool


Web image converter online free tool online - SEO

Have you ever got the webp format image when you tried downloading an image from your browser? Do you wonder why that is so? Let's talk about webp image converter online!

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What's webp format? 

The web is just another format for images like jpg, jpeg and png. Google first introduced it in 2010. It was introduced as an effort to make superior lossy and lossless compression on web pages. It's an attempt by Google to make web pages faster. As all the search engines keep evolving, Google must maintain the quality to retain the users.

What is lossy and lossless compression?

  • Lossy compression means when you compress the image, it will permanently delete some of the pixels. It solves the storage problem but at the cost of quality. Lossy compression is generally used in the entertainment industry because even if some of the pixels are deleted, you won't be able to tell the difference. 
  • Lossless compression, on the other hand, makes sure there is no loss of information. There is no quality degradation in the compression process. And that makes it compatible use for industries which require precision. 


The primary use of webp is browsers supporting. It's considered better than jpg and png files because of converted file size is much smaller, and the transparency feature of the PNGs is supported. However, it's not supported by many day-to-day tools and web pages we use for general purposes. But in web development, it can serve a great purpose. 

Supporting animations

Webp also supports animation. While jpg and png files don't do that, we have a gif format to achieve that purpose. Webp is a commonly used format for animations on webpages these days. So you might want to consider using webp because animations are more significant than images. As a result, if you use webp format, you will save good space, making your website load and crawl faster by crawlers hence better rankings on search engines. 

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Some Cons

There are majorly two cons of using webp image format : 

1. One major con of using webp format is the compromise with image quality. It will make your web pages load quickly if you are okay with that. Thus, you will be able to retain your audience. 

2. Not all web browsers support webp format, which is why it gets most of the negative reviews. 

Major Pros

We talked about the cons, but don't worry, the best part of webp is that Google developed it, and the crawlers prefer it over jpg and png files. The actual use is in terms of SEO. If you can make the Google crawlers happy, you will be able to rank your website faster and in better positions, which will gain more traffic compared to the websites that use the conventional formats. 

It's suggested by Google itself to compress your images to provide optimized load times to the user. Use this webp image converter online to make sure your website images are optimized! 

How to convert the images to webp format? 

To convert your jpg or png file to webp free online, go to this webp image converter online, upload the jpg image from the top left button, or drag and drop the file. This online tool converts your image to a webp file; you don't even have to click convert. Just click on the file, and your download will start!

What differentiates this webp converter

This webp converter, unlike the other open source tools, is quick to use, user-friendly and provides a clean interface! The converted jpg to converted webp conversion is super easy! Bookmark this tool for later use.


Webp is a crucial image format for optimizing webpages, and nowadays, it is adopted quickly in many browsers. Using webp format images can be super beneficial for the search engine optimization of your website. There are a few cons of the webp format, but overall the webp format is beneficial, just not for day-to-day needs. 

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