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How to make Instagram text rainbow? - Instagram SEO


How to make Instagram text rainbow?

a girl with red hair learning about how to make Instagram text rainbow

Whenever you go on to write captions on Instagram, all you can do is type. Don't you feel like making it funky and colorful? So that people love to read it through? I bet you would have thought about it but never really got to work on it. Let's talk about how to make Instagram text rainbow?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should change the font of the captions on Instagram! 

1. Readers love to see a change.

I am talking about your audience. If you keep serving the same type of content to them, they will feel neglected. According to research conducted by Columbia University, 47% of Instagram pages or businesses on Instagram witnessed more engagement than businesses with monotonous font styles in their captions. 

2.Engagement Rate Spikes

The more you can customize your captions, and the more people will be able to follow through and read the whole thing. How's that going to increase the engagement rate? Instagram follows an algorithm, according to which the more valuable it is if people spend more time on your post. As a result, your reach will improve, and your content will be considered shareworthy, which is the kind of content that goes viral on explore page. 

3. Attracting new audience

With different text effect, you attract an audience intrigued by what you are talking about! Whether from carousel posts or reels, the impact is always better with different fonts colors.  

4. Do the rainbow effect on posts.

With the rainbow effect, you get the leverage to use different text combos. You can make a complete sentence into colorful text in the text editor! And the readability is excellent as well. People use rainbow text all the time on Instagram as well as on websites. That is why you must also ensure you're ahead of the game! Use this free tool to make the rainbow text for Instagram posts

5. Instagram stories will spark a connection!

We all know the importance of Instagram stories since we all do the swipe-swipe-swipe. They help us engage with our audience more. But most importantly, they vanish after 24 hours. Now you know how to make the most out of it! Use the rainbow text on Instagram stories using this free tool. If you don't have many captions to share on stories, drag your fingers and put the text in the corner of the screen. You can also use gif stickers to make it more engaging! 

6. Makes you professional 

Okay, let's get this straight. No matter how much you preach about your page or business, eventually, people open Instagram just to be entertained. If you can do it correctly, your target audience and potential customers would like to connect with you. That's what makes you a professional, not fronting as an expert. As you read further, we will talk about how to make Instagram text rainbow.

7. Highlights your point

What different fonts like rainbow text can do is highlight the text. That can help you emphasize the important points and provide much more value to the audience. Would anyone go and follow someone who doesn't put as much effort as you? You know the answer! 

8. It keeps you out of the monotony. 

Well, well, this one is hard to get across. Whenever we are making content, it can get boring. And it's natural. It happens to the best of us. After working on the post, when you come across to post that photo or video, you feel dread sharing the captions. And when you write captions in that mood, your captions will also come out to be dreaded. You need to use a rainbow text maker for a change. You essentially create the rainbow. How cool is that?  

9. Simple steps for a significant change

You would have noticed many people utilize different fonts in their captions, making them bold, italic, and rainbow color text. Now you can do the same! Try changing your font in the captions, and you will see a significant difference. 

10. Adds volume

Have you ever read someone's Instagram captions and felt like it had the suitable audacity and the captions were speaking for themselves. That's precisely what you will do when you do the bold, italic, stylish, or add rainbow text to your captions. Don't miss out on this simple yet effective strategy!! 

How to make Instagram text rainbow?

Go to this rainbow text maker tool. Type your text and click on the 'Submit' button. And voila! You will have all of the text in rainbow color, and now you can select the text and copy and paste it into the captions! The good part is that you don't even need a color option for this one. And the text you want to change to a rainbow color can be as long as you want! 


Instagram is an entertainment platform, and people come over here to be entertained. To provide that crucial element, make sure you are changing the fonts of your captions! You can use the mentioned free rainbow text maker tool for that. Along with this, you can use more stylish fonts to attract your audience's attention and make your content reach many more people!