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Have you ever made a plan? A foolproof plan! That is precisely why you need to write articles consistently. And for that, you need a plan. Oh, don't be scared by the word consistent. Consistent doesn't mean you will have to sit at the laptop daily to put in the best of terms and write an article or blog for your website that converts. 

No, no, don't worry, we get your issues because these are widespread problems that many content writers worldwide face daily. You can accomplish that with this duplichecker free online article rewriter tool

How to convince search engines your blog is worthy? 

Well, first of all, you need to be consistent. Many people think it's about high-quality content and keep running after perfection. What's the worst with that is you might start the laptop to write a blog post today that people will end up falling in love with, but eventually, you end up scrolling through social media apps! And that will do a lot more harm to your website because it won't get the fresh articles it needs and keeps getting older! 

The Solution?

What you can do instead is use an article spinner. How do people become experts in different fields? By collecting the information and strategies from tools online, the free tools. They DO NOT run after original content. Instead, many writers and bloggers keep their websites, social media posts, and even youtube videos new by rewriting tools!

THIS REPHRASE TOOL can help you achieve just that. Instead of buying online services, invest your time. Your primary focus should be to convert the existing material to your advantage, so you don't waste time. Because of two things, firstly, the time wasted never comes back. 

Secondly, the time you lose without adding fresh articles on your blog, someone else is working on it using this duplichecker free online article rewriter! And these are the SEO tools people don't tell anyone about.

Is it safe to use a paraphrasing tool? 

It is safe to use the duplichecker free online article rewriter like these. If you want to be on a yet safer side, add a plagiarism checker by its side. The more your clients generate excellent business with this tool, and the more people say your team comprises experts. Focus on helping our clients achieve the best should be your end goal! Then comes the secondary purpose of creating content that is plagiarism free, but without consistency, you won't be able to focus on what's working for you and what's not.

Repurposing content is not a myth.

Don't forget about the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., while you're at it. Recently Instagram has shared its API openly, which means the Instagram posts will be able to rank on Google as well. That gives marketers as well bloggers the added advantage of using this tool

Make sure you use it to your full advantage as it is a duplichecker free online article rewriter. You can even bookmark it for later use. It will make your life much easier! 


Try not to confuse yourself with the many tools available in the market. All you need to do is pick this article rewriter tool on MFT and go along with writing your essays. Many tools in the market brand themselves as AI writer tools, but don't be confused. They function the same and are necessarily doing article rewriting! 

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