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Do word count Japanese characters word online

Don't you want to start your article with a punchy line and end with a decent conclusion? But you find yourself staring at the screen with the blinking cursor more often than not? Well, it's hard, but nothing should come your way. This tool to count characters can help you write articles professionally by doing a word count of online Japanese characters.

word count japanese characters word online

Social media issues

Have you ever written Facebook posts or captions or a tweet that didn't meet the character limit of the respective social media platform? Heck, now you are supposed to reduce a perfectly written copy! If you have faced this problem, you would know how hard it can be to reduce the length of the captions or copy you are trying to write! 

Blogging Issues

If you are a blogger or a content writer, you might have faced the issue of being unable to write an article or finish content that should meet the minimum criteria of the number of words. Even if you are someone who want to word count Japanese characters word online you can go ahead and use this word counter tool to make it deadline-oriented to finish the job. And set your mind to finish the article under specific terms or character limits. Setting character limits like this can also boost your productivity!

Different from a word counting tool

Our tool can help you realize how much characters are left, including spaces. And it's done in real-time to count the number of words you need to maintain the word and character per your needs. You can enter up to 500 characters! If you have more content to work on and want to do the word count Japanese characters word online, replace the current one with the new content, copy and paste your text and you will be able to track the characters! This way, you can finish the article with ease.


You will find a lot of online character counter tools out there that don't meet your purpose. If you are someone who has to write 500 words article or keep a tab of many characters, or someone who wants to do a word count of Japanese characters word online, you should consider using this tool! It will serve great use to you. 

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